Diamond Engagement Rings – A Must For A Grand Occasion

Diamonds really do live up the place. Be it earrings, cuff links or diamond Engagement Rings, they deserve all the attention and respect that they can get. Even 1 carat diamond stud earrings are worn with pride. They are glamorous in nature and add all the shine and sheen needed for the occasion. Women love to get engaged with top rated ring. The ring makes all the difference. It is believed that a diamond ring for wedding is a MUST. It is a fact that drives men to purchase what they hope are a perfect piece of ornament to the woman they want to marry.

Shopping is mostly done by women. Many men are fairly clueless when it comes to shopping. There is a lot of variety available in the market. it is definitely hard for a man to be able to go through the entire list, compare them and mark the best. Websites like www.kristalldiamond.com definitely make life easier for men. Gather the best list of engagement rings from one of the top rated websites in the diamond industry and you are not likely to disappoint your missus. Once you have decided that she is the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with, the effort put into convincing her that she is the one should also show.

The most striking part of the website is the fact that it is GIA certified. Diamond Engagement rings do not come easy. They not only cost a bomb, they also need to be checked for various factors. The four C’s, namely the cut, the colour, the carat and the clarity need to be sorted out. Since it is an engagement ring, women will be quite particular about it. They do not appreciate buying off the rack. The fifth C, the cost, is the part that the man has to figure out himself.

A woman could prefer modern or traditional wear. Platinum is currently the most popular metal used in engagement rings. Gold is next on the list. A classic diamond solitaire accounts for over seventy percent of all ring sales. It does seem like a good choice unless her selection might also depend on what her best friend received. It can get very tricky indeed.

Sometimes it makes better sense to take the woman of your dreams to the shop of her dreams and let her pick out the ring. You are not likely to go wrong there.

There are a few tricks one might follow to get the right ring.

* Buy from a reputed jeweller.

* Check the reviews and the selection available

* Check for the bills that they normally produce with the purchase along with the cert

* Check with her friends and relatives about her taste. It is alright to be sneaky once in a while.

Throw in a pair of 1 carat diamond stud earrings if you feel like it. You can definitely win her heart every way. End of the day, an engagement is a grand occasion and must be treated as such. Buy the perfect ornament and show her how you feel.


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