Install solar panel to cut your electricity bills into half


Solar energy is free and is renewable. When we use conventional sources of energy, there is always a fear psychosis as to when they will get over and we may be in a lurch. Most of our technologies today are driven by the consumption of fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy. These industries will come to a standstill in case there is even a temporary shortage of these fuels.

Besides the environmental hazard that burning of these fuels presents is a different story altogether. The consequence of large scale burning of fossil fuels to run our industry and to generate electricity for our homes is creating havoc 400 watt solar panel in the atmosphere with parts of the protective ozone layer being depleted exceedingly quickly.

The consequence of the deterioration of the atmosphere more specifically the hole in the ozone will present itself in the untold miseries in the form of dangerous respiratory and derma cancers which have no known cure.

The case for adoption of greener energy:

In this scenario, adopting greener and cleaner sources of energy is the call of the hour. Using non conventional sources like the sun and the wind and the waves to create electricity has been tested and widely believed to be the solution to the impending double problem of energy scarcity and the pollution of the environment. Solar energy can be manufactured using solar panels that are quite inexpensive to procure.

450 watt solar panel – a safe bet:

This panel gives out high efficiency electricity up to 30 Amps. It uses Class ‘A’ Mono crystalline silicone to be able to generate cleaner energy. It is more efficient than 200 wattage and slightly more costly too.

For what can we use the solar panel kits for RV?

The best RV solar kits are an easy way to save on your energy audits and also get clean, odor free and noiseless back up for your homes and office buildings. The kits are completely durable and absolutely compliant with all energy systems used in homes and other commercial places.

The inverter that backs the home can clock up to 3000 MW of energy and therefore can run almost all the appliances in the household including the microwave and the dishwasher which are famous for drawing out maximum energy.

The honest deep cycle battery reviews:

A deep cycle battery is the best option to go for if you are willing to shell out even a little more on investments in batteries. The batteries have longer shelf lives ad are virtually spill proof which means that they do not require maintenance at all. The maintenance is a factor only if the chemicals and other materials used leach out and spill outside. Another reason for their durability is that they are vibration free and the glass used does not shatter even in extreme temperatures. The batteries are famed to last longer than their competition but they also do present the tendency to run dead if left unused for a period of one year or more.

Get windy nation kits for your boat – they are fun!

This kit offers the dual benefit of providing RV for home as well off grid solution for outdoors like even for boats. The kit includes:

1. 100W polycrystalline panel;

2. Solar controller of 30 AMP capacity;

3. A mount for the panels;

4. Solar cable for transmission of the energy generated;

5. MC4 connectors whichever is required for maintaining the connections.